Ansible - Automation Swiss Knife

July 30, 2017    ansible automation devops

This blog post is an introduction to different components of Ansible - an automation tool that I am using at Zenatix to automate some of the DevOps stuff. It’s a pretty useful tool and has been very helpful to me. I needed something really simple and that’s why I opted for Ansible.

So What’s Ansible ?

Ansible is an automation system. With Ansible, you can handle configurations, perform ad-hoc commands across your servers, copy files to-and-fro from your machines. Tool like Ansible completely takes away the effort of writing custom scripts to perform trivial tasks to be orchestrated across your architecture.

Core components

Ansible Inventory - One should think of ansible inventories as logical grouping of servers which are to be managed by a sysadmin.

Ansible Playbooks - One should think of Ansible Playbooks as a collection of commands that a sysadmin would run on servers mentioned in Ansible Inventory.

Ansible Modules - One should think of Ansible Modules as the in-built packages which are available for a sysadmin to use in Ansible Playbooks and then run them on the servers which are mentioned in Ansible Inventory.

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